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Yasmina | Project Manager

Project Manager from France with a strong interest in managing immersive virtual reality experiences and mobile games in a live service environment. 4+ years of experience working with agile project management methodologies and skilled at handling multiple teams and projects simultaneous. I am traveling in New Zealand & Australia since 2018 to improve my skills, to push my own limits and discover new working methods. My goal is to develop a technical background (learning development & quality assurance) to be able to manage more complex projects.

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“To my fellow Black and Brown colleagues, the next time you look to your left and your right in class and realize you are the only PoC in the room, I hope you smile with the knowledge that your excellence ushered you into this space. I hope you know that you made it despite the odds, and that many of our white colleagues are here because of them”
[Ciarra Jones]

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