Hellink on Steam

Paris, 2044. Néo-Sorbonne just got hacked. Elixène Seyrig, a cybercrime expert, is its only hope. Her weapon: the e-Lux, a revolutionary augmented reality device which allows instantaneous information research. Gather information to reveal the truth… then use it to thwart your opponents’ lies! Enter merciless verbal jousting and see through your opponents’ fallacies and inconsistencies! In the fake news era, seize the means of critical thinking and defend your mind again manipulation!

My role as Associate Producer

  • Responsability for staying within the schedule and budget during all project phases and resolving issues
  • Define and deploy new processes and in facilitating the improvement of existing processes
  • Coordinate multiple QA tests and playtests to insure completion according to scope and schedule
  • Manage the Legal and administrative approval process

Environment: Google Drive, Office Suite, MS Project, Jira, Trello, Slack, Git, Unity

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